Japan 2002 Takeuchi Tetsuro

This movie got it all, zombies, mopeds and rock`n roll. Our hero Ace,
a non talent struggeling musician witness a zombie infected
asteroid crash, and soon the town is crawling with zombies.
But he get´s help from his idols, the
superhuman punkband Guitarwolf, who´s singer ,always
strapped with a red lasershoting guitar,
kills the zombies and its a happy ending.

The director must have been inspired by pulp fiction and its
music, from punk to surfmusic.

KIKUJIRO NO NATSU1999 Takeshi Kitano

9 year old Masso is up for a boring summer at his grandma, and
all his friends left town. The neighbor KIkujiro voluntare to take him
to his mother who he newer met. Bu there is one problem, Kikujiro is
self centerd, bad mannerd ,lacking all social skills and he doesnt like

They dont have any traveling money so they start of betting at the
race tracks, but with no luck.The journey has some rough parts but
they also meat interesting people and have some fun, and in the end
they might have learn something.



1966 Russ Meyer

In the sixties girs wasnt supposed to race sportcars, fight guys,
drink tequila and use harsh language, but these girls do. They
race through the desert home from work at the stripclub.
They meet some ruff guys, fight them,and killed them.
Now they are wanted, they find a
farm in the middle of nowhere to hide in. But the conservative farmer
doesnt approve of their behavior, thou his
sons doesnt seem to mind them beeing there.

Russ Meyer seems to have a thing for lage breasted women,
but dont wory, there is no nudity in this one, so bring the family.

2002 Spike Jonze

The Kaufman twins are each others opposite. Charlie is a serious
screen wrighter with low selfasteam, no luck with the women and
a lot on his mind. Donald is a confident outgoing player, who always
gets the girl.

Charlie is working with a biography about a botanist who steals orchids.
He struggles betwean writing a block buster or a masterpeas, mean while
his brother who isnt a screen wrighter manage to sell an film idea about
a serial killer with a split personality disorder.

1996 Christian Duguay

This is a laserfree, layedback, quite believable scifi, and there
arent meny of them.

On a mining colony on a distant planet
the robot miners started to build their own robots with
one sole perpose, to get rid of the humans. There are basically
two types of robots, animal like small robots armed with
sawblades, and the humanlike, who tryes to infiltrate using
the humans psychological weaknesses.

The question is, who is robot and who is human.

1982 Jean Jacques Annaud

If youre in the mood for a absolute dialog free movie,
with stupid Neanderthals trying to cope with there world,
then this is the film for you.

The story isnt that complex, a tribe of Neanderthals
manage to put out there fire, so they have to find it
somewhere else. Three tribe members, maybe not
the brightest ones, get the task to find new fire.

On the journey they meet humans on different
stages on the evolutionary ladder, and they learn a
lot from them, like how to make fire.

1982 John Carpenter

This is a very dark and slimy horror/scifi movie, with
a psychological strain.

The radio contact with a weather station on the
northpole is broken, and a team is sent in to
find them all dead, but not by natural causes.

Who or what did this, and where is it.

Japan 1999 Sabu

An ordinary clerk wakes up in a hotell room, with no memory of
how he got there and what happend the day before.
The last thing he remember is his barbers funeral, which
went terribly wrong. And afterwards he went to the
local bar to cool his nerves. Afer a wile he finds
small qlues in the hotell room.

This movie is about how bad things can happen to
ordinary people if they are in the wrong place at the wrong
time, and had to much to drink.

1979 Luigi Cozzi

This is the most colorful scifi i ever seen. The beautiful Stella Star

equiped only witha reagun, a space bikini and lots of lip gloss,
singelhanded saves the universe.
She fights giant robots,
and neanderthals.

As a bonus David Hasselhof fights stopmotion robot nights
with a light saber.